Dirham  Air Freshener  300ML

Dirham Air Freshener 300ML


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Model: Bakhour Lattafa & Ard Al zafaran

The Scent Perfume Air Freshener Spray Dirham 300ML Arabic Air Freshener 

300ML: The Perfect Fragrance for every occasion. Enjoy a fresh and aromatic feeling as The Scent Air Freshener Spray keeps your room fresh day and night.
FREE FROM ALCOHOL: Alcohol Free Spray gives a long lasting Scent. The Spray will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, with the Aromatic Fragrance permeating ANY living space.
ARABIAN SCENT: Classic Arabic Fragrance provides an Authentic Feel to any Room. Let the Beauty of Arabia flow in your surroundings.
MADE IN UAE: The Scent Air Freshener Sprays are manufactured in the UAE utilizing the latest technology and sourcing the best materials to give you the ultimate experience.
BRAND: The Scent by AFS Elegant

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