Beko Turkish Coffee Maker TKM8961B


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Product Summary

  • Product Type: Turkish Coffee Maker
  • Capacity: 6 Cups
  • Power: 1100W

Product Description

•User insight driven product briefing

•3D cooking with Induction heater that maintains a consistent and precise temperature

•Removable water tank with 1,5 L capacity

•Stainless steel coffee pods

•Cup size selection

•Up to 6 cups of coffee at one time

•Cancel function while working

•Induction technology for fast warming and cooling feature

• Spinjet technology that decides water quantity

•Anti spill technology

• Cooksense Technology for foamy, authentic Turkish coffee taste.

The best of the best Turkish coffee machines giving you an exceptional at home or office Turkish coffee experience you will not forget - Now with the new Beko Telve Duo you can enjoy up to 6 cups of authentic frothy Turkish coffee in no time thanks to 3D Cooking induction technology. Turkish coffee with plenty of foam thanks to Cooksense brewing technology Spinjet technology to regulate the amount of water Anti-Spill technology 1.5 l removable water tank capacity Cup size selection.

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