About Us


Joumlla.com is the online shopping marketplace. Ecommerce website is to reliable, quality products sold at the most competitive prices. Founded by Joumlla Electronic Marketing services   in June 2019 as preparation and the official lunch in 2021 and start in UAE and GCC countries  Joumlla.com initially platform Ecommerce website for the best shopping experience of miscellaneous products such as electronics, fashion, kitchen, bathroom, makeup, perfumes and babies ‘shop… etc.  However the project has grown substantially, and now sells the best experience for the end consumer of the ecommerce and now we are providing the best price of the whole sale and retail-sale by a new idea to of marketing to deliver for the buyer the best customer services, prices, quality, and the best customer care experience after sale.

Why joumlla.com

1- We offer you products from factory suppliers at wholesale price.

2- Your purchase from Joumlla.com guarantees you the lowest prices compared to competitors, even if it is one piece.

3- Your purchase from Joumlla.com guarantees you the cheapest prices and discounts compared to competitors with quantities or wholesale orders.

4- Joumlla.com buying more than one piece of the same product gives you a discount in the same purchase transaction.

5- Joumlla.com provides you with unique products that are not available from the other competitors.

6- We honor you on your behalf about the quality of the products and their comparison with the description through international suppliers.

7- Returning products for a period of 90 days for the first time in the history of online selling platforms, provided that incase the suppliers are local from the same geographical scope as yours and that you have to looking forward to the return policy.

8- As for international shipping, it is our policy that the distinguished product is worth the wait.

9- For any purchase through Joumlla.com, our policy is saving your money should be from Joumlla.com.

10-Our work only grows for you, so make sure the more we grow, the more we meet your needs.

What’s new?

Our platform provides you with everything you need with the best specifications and standards, and allows you to shop at the prices of suppliers from the factory. We also provide you with unique products and sections such as the Civilizations, a special section for luxury coffee and unique products, and our store includes most of your modern needs of fashion, perfumes, beauty& body care and the needs of the home in all its parts, we also have suppliers from all countries of the world and also suppliers in your geographical scope. We always recommend to you the best and we do not accept dealing with any supplier without making sure the quality and the best experience.



Our mission

Our mission is to make online shopping experience, and reduce the pierces comparing with the current competitors is realized 

Our vision

We need to be the global leader of online marketing within 15 years 


Joumlla.com - جملة دوت كوم

is a store selling products